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A Better Life!

Kawena has been a partner to the migrant community in South Africa for over 33 years, our customers have trusted us to help them send goods, groceries and other value back to their home countries for over three decades.


Kawena Distributors (Pty) Ltd (formerly Manica Mineworkers Suppliers (Pty) Ltd) is a business that conducts retail sales throughout South Africa and a delivery service to its customers in Mozambique. Kawena SA is a Mozambican registered company and is the appointed agent in Mozambique for Kawena Distributors (Pty) Ltd and is responsible for the distribution. Kawena Exchange (Pty) Ltd operates within South Africa and helps migrants in South Africa send goods to Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Family Using a Tablet

Our Values and Mission.

To improve customers lives by customizing services we offer to Mozambican and Zimbabwean Nationals: we want to help families purchase value and products, send and receive value anyplace, anytime, by mobilizing cost-saving technology. To provide Mozambican and Zimbabwean Nationals residing in South Africa with a world class service in purchasing value and products in South Africa and delivering products and services in Mozambique and Zimbabwe the same day. A better life with Kawena.

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