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Kawena Distributors (Pty) Ltd, formerly Manica Mineworkers Suppliers (Pty) Ltd commenced its business operations in 1987. Kawena is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sherewa Investments (Pty) Ltd. Our core business, Kawena Distributors, has earned the trust of the Mozambican mine-workers through product and service delivery, stretching back almost 32 years and is widely considered an institution in the country.

With the increasing demand for quality products and services, we have expanded outside the mine-workers industry to include all Mozambican and Zimbabwean nationals living in South Africa. Over the years we have diversified, leveraging off the relationships we have forged with the various ministries, principal suppliers and our extensive infrastructural network within Mozambique and entered into a partnership with OK Zimbabwe to help expand our reach

We have three major business units that
encompass our business activities:





Kawena Distributors gives Mozambican nationals living in South Africa the ability to send commodities, building materials and value to their families in Mozambique.

With sales points across South Africa, customers order their goods and simply collect the good in Mozambique, at their chosen collection point across the county. (Please refer to out collection point footprint)

What further differentiates us is the added option for home delivery, directly to you families in Mozambique.

Should you wish to send value home to you family members you can further do so using our Kawena E-wallet services, where the value sent can be redeemed at our flagship store K-Mercado in Marracuene, Mozambique.

We have grown our footprint in both South Africa as well as Mozambique to ensure we cover all major areas

(please refer to the Sales & Collection Points tab for out footprint).

We pride ourselves on supplying quality products at competitive prices, without the hassle of our customers having to transport the products to their families in Mozambique.

Our warehouses in Mozambique serve as collection points where goods ordered in South Africa can be collected.

We understand that our customers are building for their future and therefore give our customers the freedom to collect goods anytime within a 3 year period from the date of purchase.


Kawena Exchange is the safe way for our customers to send money home.

Kawena identified the need for customers to have a safe, easy and convenient method to send money home to their families. We have developed an E-Wallet that allows Mozambican and Zimbabwean customers, living in South Africa, to load money onto their E-Wallet and transfer the value to their families across the border.

The value can be collected by the family members at any OK Zimbabwe store or the Kawena K-Mercado store located in Marracuene Mozambique respectfully.

(Please refer to the brochures that explain the process Moz /Zim)


Our Flagship retail store K-Mercado in Marracuene, Mozambique opened in February 2018, and gives Mozambicans the ability to benefit from our product offerings without having to order them in South Africa.

K-Mercado the first Kawena walk in retail store in Mozambique and is open to the public, who can now benefit from our preferential pricing and product range.

(Please refer to the K-Mercado Price list)


K-AGRI is committed to supplying and servicing both small- and large-scale farming operations within Mozambique to assist with their animal feed requirements. we further stock a large variety of equipment to assist local farmers with their day to day operations, as well as a full range of fencing materials for numerous applications.

We currently have  a store in Marrecuene alongside the K-Mercado store with a second store opening in Bonae in March 2019.



Our Vision is to become an integral part of the Mozambican and Zimbabwean Nationals living in South Africa, catering to all their needs by supplying them with their unique basket of goods at unmatched prices on the same day of purchase, as well as providing them with the ability to transfer value to their families back home.


We are a long-standing committed team holding onto a dominant position in a competitive environment, exceeding our customers expectations by the efficient use of our unique supply chain and multi-cultural team.

Core Business: Kawena Distributors has earned the trust of the Mozambican mine-workers through product and service delivery, stretching back almost 32 years and is widely considered an institution in the country.

Kawena Distributors (PTY) LTD


Kawena Distributors (Pty) Ltd Physical Address: Unit B3 Isando Business Park Hulley Road, Isando, Kempton Park


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