K-AGRI is committed to supplying and servicing both small- and large-scale farming operations within Mozambique to assist with their animal feed requirements. 

We stock the following animal feeds: 

 Chicken Feed (Broiler Farming)

 Chicken Feed (Layer Farming) 

 Pig Feed  

 Horse Feed  

 Duck Feed 

 Rabbit Feed 

 Dog Feed 

We Also stock a large variety of equipment to assist local farmers with their day to day operations. 

In this regard we stock the following items: 

 Ploughs 

 Hand Tools  

 Seeds (Vegetables and Fruits) 

 Animal Feeding Equipment (Feeders, Drinkers etc.) 

  Safety Wear (Overalls, Gloves, Boots) 

We Stock a full range of fencing materials for numerous applications. products are reliable and of top quality.  

K-AGRI specializes in the following fencing materials: 

 Diamond Mesh 

 Welded Mesh 

 Bailing Wire 

 Barbed Wire 

 Posts and Stays 

 Standards  Gates 

We Currently have two feed stores open in Marracuene and Boane:

Vila de Marracuene (antes do cemiterio de Marracuene) –       00258 21 790 103

Avenida de Namaacha, Boane (proximo ao Instituto Agraio de Boane)                                                                                                00258 770 469